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flame retardant Doher-993
flame retardant Doher-993
Category:Silicone rubber flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product description: 

Doher-993 has good dispersibility with materials. And the high-efficiency flame retardant performance makes it less added, which has less impact on the physical properties of the product, and at the same time does not fade, does not spray frost, and does not pollute the surface of the product.

Quality Index:

Appearancelight red powder
Phosphorus mass fraction≥30%
Volatile matter≥1.0%
Particle size≤10μm
Bulk density0.6g/cm3


Scope of application: 

Doher-993 is mainly used in EPDM, nitrile rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, synthetic rubber, silicone and thermosetting resins such as PA, PE, EVA, etc. Its flame retardant performance can reach UL94V-0 level.

Recommended amount of application:

Add 25-30% of rubber and silicone

Other resins add 20-25%


25kg or 20kg per pack, lined kraft paper bag.

·The above data is for customer reference only, and cannot fully guarantee all the data that can be achieved in a specific environment; please use the measured data as the standard.