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 DOHER flame retardants have been widely used in the modified plastics industry, especially in halogen-free flame retardant products such as PP, PA66 fiber, PBT fiber, PC / ABS, etc., which are leading the market.

       Doher-6000A, 6000-1 series products are a kind of compound intumescent halogen-free flame retardant, suitable for PP, PE, EVA and polyolefin wire and cable materials. Precipitation, non-stick, high thermal stability.

       Doher-6018 and 6015 series halogen-free flame retardants are mainly used for the flame retardant of nylon 6 & 66, high temperature nylon (6T, 9T, HTPA) and other fiber-reinforced products. It has high temperature resistance, does not precipitate, does not drip, and does not emit hair. Grey can be white, etc., adding a small amount can reach 1.6mm V0 level, and can meet the requirements of GWIT775 ℃, GWFI960 ℃, CTI600V and so on.

 Doher-998 series halogen-free flame retardant is mainly used for flame retardant of rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber and other products. It has the characteristics of small particle size, high temperature resistance, uniform dispersion, and does not affect rubber vulcanization. It can reach 1.6mm V0 flame retardant.

       Doher-7000 is suitable for halogen-free flame retardant of PC / ABS alloy and PPO / HIPS alloy. It has the characteristics of high phosphorus content, easy processing, high surface gloss, and good fuel barrier properties.

       Doher-808M-2, 808M-3, 808M-3N, 737, 6010M, 6055, 2025 and other flame-retardant masterbatches, suitable for direct dry blend injection molding of PP, PE, PA, ABS, PC and other products , PE blown film drawing, PP / PE / ABS extruded pipe and other products are flame retardant, with small additions, easy to disperse, do not precipitate, do not affect color matching, do not block the spinneret, and can be made of transparent PA66 The convenience of the flame retardant requirements of the end customer.