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flame retardant Doher-992
flame retardant Doher-992
Category:Silicone rubber flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product Description:

Doher-992 is a halogen-free and environmentally friendly flame retardant used in rubber, which has a good synergistic effect of phosphorus and nitrogen. The appearance is white powder, and the surface has been modified. It has the advantages of small particle size, high temperature resistance and uniform dispersion. The processed products have good temperature resistance, good thermal stability, and do not spray frost and pollute the surface of the products. Comply with EU RoHS, REACH and other environmental regulations.


1. High flame retardant efficiency, the flame retardant grade can reach 0.5mm thick UL94V-0;

2. Small smoke production and high oxygen index;

3. It has good dispersion in rubber and will not stick to the roller;

4. Good thermal stability, can withstand most vulcanization processes without thermal decomposition;

5. It does not affect the vulcanization of rubber, and has little effect on the physical properties of the rubber after vulcanization.

Quality Index:

AppearanceWhite particle
Phosphorus mass fraction≥20%
Nitrogen mass fraction≥16%
Average particle size


Application range:

It is suitable for the flame retardant of rubber, with good flame retardant performance, and is suitable for the flame retardant of thinner products. Products with a thickness of about 0.5mm can achieve UL94V-0, and the oxygen index of the products can reach more than 32.

Application suggestion:

The amount of flame retardant added is related to the product formula and vulcanization system. The total amount of raw rubber and oil in the rubber has a greater impact on the amount of flame retardant added. The percentage of flame retardants is usually 30%-40%. Add the appropriate amount of flame retardant according to the specific formula.

Note: If vulcanized with peroxide system, 10phr flame retardant can be added appropriately.


25kg per pack, lined kraft paper bag.

·The above data is for customer reference only, and cannot fully guarantee all the data that can be achieved in a specific environment; please use the measured data as the standard.