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flame retardant Doher-8303
flame retardant Doher-8303
Category:Adhesive flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product Description:

Doher-8303 is a phosphorus-nitrogen halogen-free intumescent flame retardant. Adding this flame retardant alone can reach 1.6mm UL94V-0 grade, and it has good dispersibility in the material. Fully complies with the EU's RoHS directive and the environmental protection requirements of REACH regulations.


1. High flame retardant efficiency and small addition amount

2. Good compatibility with polymers and resins, no migration or precipitation in the material;

3. Good thermal stability, easy processing and excellent water resistance;

4. The processed flame retardant materials are low-smoke, halogen-free and non-toxic, which can completely replace traditional bromine-antimony flame retardants.

Quality Index:

AppearanceWhite particle
Phosphorus mass fraction≥16%
Nitrogen content≥24%
Decomposition temperature≥300℃

Application range:

It is suitable for flame retardant of PA6 fiber-reinforced, epoxy resin, and hot melt adhesive, and fully meets the requirements of customers in electronics, electrical and other industries.

Application suggestion:

1. Adding 20% Doher-8303 to PA6 (30% GF) can pass the UL94V-0 (1.6mm) flame retardant test and some products with better performance than bromine-antimony system flame retardant. The working temperature is controlled below 260°C, the screw is combined with weak shear, and the contact with strong oxidizing substances is avoided as much as possible during use to prevent the color change of the product.

2. Add about 25% Doher-8303 to the epoxy system, which can pass the UL94V-0 (2.0mm) flame retardant test.

3. Adding 20% of Doher-8303 to the hot melt adhesive system can obtain better flame retardant effect.

4. For the specific processing technology, please consult the relevant sales personnel of our company.


25kg per pack, lined kraft paper bag.

·The above data is for customer reference only, and cannot fully guarantee all the data that can be achieved in a specific environment; please use the measured data as the standard.