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Flame retardant Doher-803
Flame retardant Doher-803
Category:Adhesive flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product description: Doher-803 is a white powder environmentally friendly flame retardant, easy to add, excellent physical properties, and good dispersion effect.


Good water resistance, no precipitation, no whitening;

Insoluble in solvents such as hot toluene, especially suitable for microfiber leather;

Good compatibility with resin, will not delaminate;

The oxygen index can reach more than 32, and the flame retardant level can reach B1 level or UL94-V0 level.


Quality Index:

外观/形态White powder
Effective content≥99%
Particle size(D97)


Decomposition temperature>350℃

Application: This product is suitable for PU resin, leather coating, acrylic resin, epoxy resin, etc.

Application suggestions:16%-20%


25kg per bag, lined with kraft paper bags.