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Flame retardant Doher-9000A
Flame retardant Doher-9000A
Category:Adhesive flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product description: Doher-9000A is a white crystalline powder that is easy to add. It is an efficient and environmentally friendly halogen-free expansion flame retardant with excellent performance. It can reach 1.6mm UL 94-V0 when added in small amounts. ROHS and REACH regulations.


1. High flame retardant efficiency and small addition amount;

2. Good compatibility with polymers and resins;

3. Good thermal stability, thermal decomposition temperature ≥270 ℃;

4. Good water resistance, no precipitation, migration, re-wetting and water slipping;

5. Superior electrical and mechanical properties.

Quality Index:


White powder

Phosphorus mass fraction


Decomposition temperature






The average particle size



It is suitable for fiber-reinforced nylon PA6 / PA66, PBT, etc., and its flame retardant performance reaches UL94V-0.

Application suggestions:

1. PA6 / PA66 fiber: 15% -20%

2. PBT: 15% -18%


25kg per bag, lined with kraft paper bags.