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Flame retardant Doher-6510
Flame retardant Doher-6510
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  • Product Description

Product description: The flame retardant Doher-6510 is prepared from organic phosphorus-nitrogen compounds and is a weak cation. It is a flame retardant finishing agent for various fabrics, especially for cellulose, wool, polyester, acrylic, polypropylene, and natural fibers and chemicals. Fiber mixed fabric.


1.Efficient flame retardant effect

2.Suitable for a variety of fiber composition and tissue structure fabrics

3.Contains high heat-resistant active ingredients

4, no yellowing, even under high temperature conditions

5, frost is not easy under the recommended dosage

6, will not affect the strength of the fabric

7, not washable

Technical Parameters:

Clear to slightly turbid liquid

Density is about 1.2g / cm3 at 20 ℃

PH value is about 4.0

Soluble in cold water

Not sensitive to water hardness


6510 was dissolved in cold water and added to the working bath.

Padding process: 200-600g / l Doher-6510

Drying temperature: 110-160 ℃

When Doher-6510 is required to be used in combination with fluorocarbon resin, water repellent, N-methyl compound or hand feel modifier, it is recommended to conduct preliminary experiments to confirm the respective dosage. Can also be soaked or dried naturally after spraying.

Packing: 120 kg / drum

Storage: This product is sensitive to frost and heat. Avoid storing it below 0 ℃ or above 40 ℃, otherwise it will cause irreversible deterioration.