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Flame retardant Doher-7000
Flame retardant Doher-7000
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  • Product Description

Product description: Doher-7000 is a new type of concentrated halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, in line with the European Union's green environmental protection standards, the main performance characteristics are high flame retardant efficiency, can replace antimony / halogen flame retardant systems. It has high temperature, heat resistance and aging resistance, excellent electrical properties, and is especially suitable for the electrical and electronic industries. It also has good resistance to hydrolysis and oil.


1. Good hydrolysis resistance, high temperature 280 ℃ and heat aging;

2. Small impact on HDT;

3. High efficiency, can maintain the excellent performance of all substrates;

4. PC / ABS that can be used as high-finger index.

Quality Index:

Phosphorus content

>12 %

TPP content

<2.5 %

Water content

<0.1 %

Melting point



White powder


It is mainly used in PC / ABS alloys, PPO / HIPS alloys, epoxy resins with a PC content of 65% or more. It can also be used for halogen-free flame-retardant modification of other polymers such as PPO, PBT, PET, PC, PA, etc. Due to the high efficiency of Doher-7000, the required amount of addition is very small, and the extremely low amount can easily reach the UL94V-0 standard.