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Flame retardant 2028M
Flame retardant 2028M
Category:PET flame retardant masterbatch
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  • Product Description

Product description: Doher-2028M is an additive flame retardant masterbatch. It uses high-quality resin as a carrier and uses high-purity and high-efficiency flame retardants, nano-synergists and other auxiliaries. Has excellent thermal stability and light stability, no frost, no precipitation. Does not contain polybrominated biphenyls (PBB) and polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDE). This product fully complies with EU environmental standards (ROHS), and is widely used in PET drawing, calendaring and other resins.

Product performance indicators:





Thermal decomposition temperature


Insoluble matter


Product highlights:

High thermal stability, suitable for higher processing temperature (≥280 ℃).

Good mechanical properties (good compatibility with resins), almost all aspects are similar to pure resins.

Excellent heat aging resistance and repeatable processing.

The product is environmentally friendly and meets European environmental protection requirements without dust pollution.

Low addition amount, low addition cost, reducing processing links and expenses.


Suggestions for use: The recommended amount is 8% -12% (users will adjust according to actual conditions in actual use).

Comparison of current liquids for PET drawing with our products:

 1. Halogen-free liquid flame retardants are troublesome in drawing and production process in drawing, and the stability of the products produced is poor. Our 2028M drawing flame retardant masterbatch is the same as the raw material used for drawing PET. Therefore, the addition and process production are very convenient, no additional equipment is needed, and because the raw material can be evenly mixed with the raw materials, the flame retardance of the drawn PET yarn is stable.

 2. Liquid flame retardants have great influence on flame resistance and other physical properties such as tensile strength under the aging resistance test and high temperature environment, and our products are completely resistant to high temperature because of the raw materials. Meet customers with high requirements in the market.

 3. After the 2028M wire drawing flame retardant masterbatch is added, the produced PET yarn can achieve halogen-free permanent flame retardant, and the liquid flame retardant can only be semi-permanent.


25kg / bag.