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Flame retardant Doher-6502-1
Flame retardant Doher-6502-1
Category:Fabric leather flame retardant
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  • Product Description

Product description: Doher6502-1 is a highly efficient halogen-free environmentally friendly flame retardant, which is specially used for soaking and spraying flame retardant of various woods, fabrics and leathers.


Appearance: white crystal

Solid content: 100%


Can give all kinds of leather, fabrics, wood and other excellent flame retardant effects.


1.Application formula

Doher-6502-1: After dissolving the flame retardant and water in 1: 3-1: 5, it can be used after being completely dissolved in water. The ratio of water to water can be adjusted according to the customer's requirements for flame retardant.

2. Process flow

First put the flame retardant in the water tank, add an appropriate amount of water, stir until completely dissolved, and then soak the wood or veneer in the water tank. Determine the length of the soaking time according to the water absorption of the wood xylem. For some woods that are denser For wood that is not easy to absorb water, you can consider using auxiliary equipment under pressure, and you can choose to dry or dry the soaked wood. For detailed usage and precautions, please contact our sales or technical staff.

For the post-treatment of leather, dilute the flame retardant with water about 3 times, then spray it on the back of the leather, spray it twice, and dry or roast it (toasting temperature: 40-50 ℃).

Packing: 25KG / bag

Application Note: The above formulas and processes are for reference only, and can be adjusted appropriately according to the type of wood and site conditions.