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Seven major trends for future development of flame retardants
Announcer:道尔  Date:2020/1/3 10:40:54  Views:793

Flame retardant is one of the fastest growing varieties of various material additives. The purpose of flame retardants is to make non-flame retardant materials have flame retardant properties, which are not easy to burn or self-extinguish under certain conditions. With the continuous progress of flame retardant technology, there are more and more types of flame retardants, and their performance has also been greatly improved.

However, with the increasing awareness of human health and environmental protection, the development of environmentally friendly, low-toxic, efficient, and multifunctional flame retardants has become the future development trend of the flame retardant industry. Flame retardants, while improving flame retardant properties, pay more attention to environmental protection and ecological safety. Throughout the world's flame retardant market, its future development has seven major trends:

(1) Non-halogenated.

(2) Study the synergistic effect of flame retardant systems and strengthen the development of flame retardants with multifunctional groups, such as flame retardants that integrate phosphorus, nitrogen, silicon, chlorine, bromine or other halogens.

(3) Develop multi-functional flame retardants, such as insect control, rodent control, smoke suppression, plasticization, waterproofing, antifouling, and anti-aging, etc., and expand the application field.

(4) Development of environmentally friendly flame retardants that suppress smoke and are non-toxic.

(5) The surface of the flame retardant is treated to improve the compatibility with the substrate and reduce the impact on the performance of the material.

(6) The size of the flame retardant is refined to improve the flame retardant efficiency.

(7) Develop a new flame-retardant finishing process, simplify the processing process, reduce the threshold for the use of flame retardants, and expand the scope of application.

The above are all the seven major trends of flame retardants in the future. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.