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New flame retardants are critical to fire safety
Announcer:DOHER  Date:2020/1/3 10:20:25  Views:711

Home fire prevention has become a very important thing in people's hearts. For this reason, people will prepare some small fire-fighting tools at home. At the same time, the addition of flame retardants in indoor furniture and building materials also provides more favorable protection for safety. New flame retardants Agents are important substances that hinder the spread of fire.

Flame retardants have more time for people to escape when burning, so that firefighters can quickly rescue the fire, so the science and technology of fire retardant fire is to make your easily combustible materials into flame retardant, which is the purpose of fire retardant science.

In family life, we also need to take fire prevention measures. When buying furniture and other daily necessities, it is best to choose items that contain Shandong's new flame retardants and flame retardants, so that our lives can be guaranteed and we can stay away from danger.

Our company produces all kinds of flame retardants, which not only meets the good flame retardant industry standards, it will not release bad substances during combustion, and will not cause adverse effects on the surrounding environment and people, so the flame retardants for household products The content needs to meet established standards.