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Characteristics and applications of phosphorus-containing flame retardants
Announcer:DOHER  Date:2020/1/3 10:22:25  Views:908

The name of the phosphorus-containing flame retardant is that this kind of flame retardant contains phosphorus element. This kind of flame retardant is similar to aluminum hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide are more practical. But because of different organizational structures, the performance characteristics displayed are also different.

For general red phosphorus, it is easy to burn, absorb moisture, and is not compatible with high molecular substances. It is not suitable as a flame retardant, but it can be used safely and efficiently only after a simple microencapsulation treatment. The microcapsule red phosphorus has strong stability, no structural damage will occur under high temperature and pressure, and the film can decompose and release the flame retardant in time to achieve the flame retardant function during combustion.

The content of the coated red phosphorus flame retardant element P is higher, so it is more flame retardant than other phosphorus flame retardants. Even after being added to some materials and fused, even a small amount will have several times the flame retardant effect.

The rapid development of red phosphorus flame retardant technology has led to the development of whiteness. The development of red phosphorus is also at the forefront, with a whiteness of 90%, a phosphorus content of 40%, and a temperature resistance of up to 280 degrees. It overcomes the color limitation in the application process of red phosphorus flame retardants, and can maintain good compatibility with the resin, no redness, and low toxicity. It is a very important flame retardant in many industries.