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Why do some flame retardant fabrics easily fade?
Announcer:道尔  Date:2020/1/3 10:24:42  Views:1026

       There are many fabrics in which flame retardants are added to meet certain combustion suppression requirements. However, many people will find that such fabrics will fade seriously before long. What is the reason for this?

        1. After prolonged washing and sun exposure, the flame retardant fabric will be photolyzed and aged, which will directly cause discoloration.

        2. The dye molecules on the fabric have undergone oxidation or reduction reactions leading to discoloration. For example, the discoloration of cotton fiber fabrics dyed with azo dyes is due to oxidation, while the discoloration of protein fiber fabrics dyed with the same dye is due to reduction.

        3. The structure of the dye molecules also has a great influence on the fading of the fabric. If the stability of the dye molecule is poor, the hydrogen atom with strong reaction ability can promote the oxidation process.

        So in fact, the discoloration of the fabric has nothing to do with the flame retardant above, but has a direct relationship with the affinity of the dye with the fabric, the spectral characteristics of the dye, and the dye concentration.