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Flame retardant cables and refractory cables are not the same product? !!
Announcer:道尔  Date:2020/1/9 17:48:38  Views:1105

       In life, many people consider flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables to be the same product. In fact, they have different functional characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and application scope. In order to understand the principle, Xiaoer Douer decided to take everyone to the scene of chemical companies to further understand them and find out the differences between the two.

       In general, the range of use of fire-resistant cables is larger than that of flame-resistant cables, and the former can basically replace the normal use of the latter. Refractory cable uses the characteristics of mica material-fire resistance and heat resistance, not only can block the spread of flame, but also keep the cable in a normal working state. The flame retardant cable is used for fire prevention and fire extinguishing through cooling, which can effectively control the spread of fire. In fact, we must not only consider the situation of functional characteristics, but also consider the situation of high cost performance, so people are more willing to invest a lot of cost-effective flame-retardant cables. It is made of environmentally friendly flame retardants, which has the advantages of good flame retardancy, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and non-toxicity, and can effectively avoid major economic losses caused by fire houses.