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Leather flame retardants are becoming more and more popular
Announcer:道尔  Date:2020/1/9 17:45:04  Views:672

There are too many flammable items around us, such as sofas, bed sheets, carpets, speakers and wallpapers, etc. Once a fire occurs, it will cause me unimaginable pain. In order to reduce the possibility of fire and improve our safety factor, Dow Chemical recommends that you apply a layer of fire extinguishing material on the surface of flammable materials to enhance their flame retardant properties.

More and more people choose leather flame retardant as the main flame retardant, because it can not only achieve good flame retardant effect, but also maintain the original overall appearance and functional characteristics of the material. Not only that, once the flame retardant performance of the material is modified, it will obviously enhance the two functions of oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, and can extend its service life. Is the work involved complicated? In fact, the process of flame retardant modification is not complicated. As long as we apply the flame retardant uniformly on the outer surface of the material, the purpose of flame retardant can be achieved after the material is absorbed. As people attach great importance to the protection of the environment and personal safety, I believe that leather flame retardants will make everyone's lives more secure.