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In order to ensure the safety of life, the flame retardants are firmly implemented
Announcer:DOHER  Date:2020/1/9 17:41:01  Views:181

In people's life, the most exposed is plastic products, which are mainly made of some polymer materials, which easily meet the conditions of combustion. Its raw materials are basically composed of PE, PP, PA, PC, and POM with excellent properties. Once burned, a large amount of toxic gases and smoke will be released, which will bring great harm to our health.


For this reason, we have the obligation and responsibility to put in place the work of environmentally friendly flame retardants to avoid the potential safety hazards caused by our flammability. Add flame retardants to plastic products to improve their flame retardancy. There are certain requirements for the addition of flame retardants, which can neither harm the use of the original product nor endanger human health, and be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless.